Order Status

My order is under “full shipped”, but there isn’t a tracking number.

If your order is under fully shipped, but there isn’t a tracking number please allow 2 business days for the tracking number to be updated. If the tracking number is not updated in 2 business days after the order has been updated to fully shipped, please contact us.

My order was charged today. Does this mean my order will ship today?

If your order was charged, it does not guarantee that it will ship the same day. It means that we have begun getting your order ready for shipment.

What is your order processing time?

Any orders processed before 12pm PDT will ship the same day that it was charged. Orders processed after 12pm PDT will ship the following business day. Please note, that our processing time is subject to change due to a high volume of orders.

Can you deliver my order to a cargo company?

Yes, we do deliver orders to cargo companies at no cost to you. We are only able to deliver your order if the cargo company is within our drop off radius. We will contact you if we are unable to hand deliver your package to the cargo provided.

Why was my order canceled?

If we had your order canceled, it must have been because the items in your order were out of stock or we had trouble collecting payment for your order.

I placed two different orders. Can you ship them together?

Yes, we can have your order shipped together only if both of the orders have not been charged yet.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you can have your order picked up at our warehouse location or our showroom location. Please make sure to specify which location you would like to pick up your order under the buyer note section in your order. We will contact you if we are unable to prepare your order for pickup at your preferred location.

My order was already charged. Is it too late to add an item onto my order?

After your order has been charged, we cannot make any adjustments to your order. You will have to place another new order.


How much will shipping be?

We do not have a flat rate shipping fee. Shipping fees vary depending on the size, weight, and dimension of your package.

Can I use my own shipping label?

Yes, you can provide us with your own shipping label. Please make sure to leave a buyer note on your order so that we can contact you once we have package information.

Returns & Damages

I have a damage and/or damages on an item in my order. What do I do?

If you have a damage or damage(s) in your order, please contact us immediately via email at info@lovetreefashion.com. Please note, that all claims for damages are handled exclusively via email and we will not be able to assist you by phone.

I accidentally ordered an extra pack/ incorrect style. Can I return the item back?

Yes, you may return the item back to us. *We will not provide a return label. To make an inquiry for a return, please email us at info@lovetreefashion.com.

I wasn’t satisfied with my order. The style did not look anything like what it did online. Can I return the item?

Yes, you may return the item back to us. *We will not provide a return label. To make an inquiry for a return, please email us at info@lovetreefashion.com.

The order that I returned has already been delivered to your warehouse. Why haven’t I gotten a store credit yet?

Please be aware that before we can issue a store credit for the returned package, it must be scanned in by our receiving team first. After it has been scanned in, the order still has to be inspected. Store credits for a returned package do not get applied onto your account the same day the returned package was delivered.

Returning Customers

I am an existing customer already. Do I still have to register on the new website?

If you are an existing customer with us, you still have to register on our new website. As you register, there is an option for you to link your username with your existing account in our system.

Can you honor the pricing I get at your showroom on my online web order?

Showroom pricing is exclusively only offered at the showroom. We will not honor the pricing on your web order.

I am a customer at your showroom location. Do I still have to create an online account?

Although you are a customer in our showroom, you must still create an account online to be able to make an online purchase.


Do you guys offer private labeling?

No, we do not offer private labeling on our clothing. All items come branded with our Logo.

Can I use your product images on my website?

Yes, you can use our product images for your business platforms only if the model’s face is cropped out.

Do you guys have a size chart?

We do not currently offer style-specific size charts. Please refer to the generic size chart attached. Please be advised that this size chart does not apply to all of our styles